Il Portico

Il Portico…

The image of a door presents us with a choice…

We can open the door, or we can close the door.

To close a door is to keep safety and security intact, to open a door involves risk – and who knows where it may lead you.

Brad Busch

I offer Spiritual Direction (According to the Jungian mystical tradition) and Pastoral Psychotherapy. I work with dreams, archetypes, mystical traditions, and sacred scripture. I am able to provide a confidential and safe environment in which we can work together. Personal interests and goals, such as prayer, spiritual exercises and examination of various lives of Saints can be examined and discussed. The person may chose which resources are of interest and help to them.


“Understanding Your Dreams”

An introductory course on Jungian concepts such as Shadow, Archetypes, Complexes, Anima, Animus, recurring dreams and dream symbolism.

“Sun Tzu and the Art of War”

An examination of this ancient work becomes of value to deal effectively with conflict. In this course, we will examine the first five principles of battle, as they relate to inner and outer conflict.


A standard fee of $50 CAD per session (usually 50 mins)

Workshops and Group Work (Negotiable fees.)

Fees are to be paid at the end of the session. Cheque or cash.


B.A. (Psychology) U of S Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

-Ordained clergy of the ELCIC (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) October 1986.

-13 years of Parish Ministry

-2 yrs CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) at Texas Medical Centre, Houston, Tx. Internship: 1981-’82; Residency: 1984-’85.

  • 18.8 years of Military Service (Capt. Reg force) as Chaplain
  • 2 years training in Spiritual Direction.
  • Certified Spiritual Director from the Haden Institute in Flat Rock N.C. and the Carmelite Abby in Niagara Falls, Ont.

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How to contact or book an appointment

  • Phone: 250-727-7697
  • Email:
  • 783 Lily Ave, Victoria BC
783 Lily Ave